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    21 May at 21:53 from atlas

    Don't let your website become a museum.

    If you don't have in-house web capability - or even if you do - chances are your website's news and updates pages could be way out of date.

    To draw people back to your site, you need to provide regular insights and news that customers and clients find relevant and interesting. This helps make you a thought leader in your market.

    At Copy Filters, we have a service that enables you to keep your website current. It's called Moonbeam.

    It's a sub-site that links seamlessly to the news, updates or new products and services pages of your current website.  It extends the scope of these pages - bringing them to life and keeping them fresh.

    You and your team can easily update web pages instantly when you have news or announcements to make, without waiting for your web people to do it.

    Alternatively, we can do the updating for you - very cost-effectively. Tell us what you want to say, we'll put it into a few crisp words, then upload the story to your Copy Filters Moonbeam sub-site.

    Presto, you're breaking news and alerting customers to new products and services. Seamlessly, quickly, instantly.


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